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RNO «Children and Parents Against Cancer»

The Regional non-governmental organization “Children and Parents Against Cancer” is not the first attempt to unite parents of children with cancer. Since the beginning of 90-es, there have been several such organizations in our city. But those organizations provided no complex, city-wide solutions for social support of families that have children with cancer; there have been no solutions on the federal level. There was no power that would be able to go outside the usual thinking, to see the situation not by the eyes of a particular family or a particular child but from other positions – starting with raising awareness on childhood cancer or considering the problems of rehabilitation.
The organization “Children and Parents Against Cancer” was founded in May 1998 and became the only organization in our city that provides complex solutions for treatment, psychological support and rehabilitation of children with cancer.

The members of our organization, having passed through a lot of trials, made an objective – to do everything to return their children to normal life, to enter the magic and carefree land that is called CHILDHOOD.

Katerina Kiseleva,

Executive Director,

Children and Parents Against Cancer

Regional non-governmental organization “Children and Parents Against Cancer” is a national Russian non-profit organization founded in 1994 and based in Saint Petersburg. The organization unites parents of children with cancer, parents of childhood cancer survivors and bereaved parents.

The Regional non-governmental organization “Children and Parents Against Cancer” in cooperation with the network of childware shops “Healthy Baby” continue to collect private donations. Since December 1, 2010 we were joined by the network of shops “Children”, and since 2014 – by the network of shops “Mother to Children”.

You can make a donation in the shops “Healthy Baby”, “Children” and “Mother to Children”.

Our Mission

 Advocating the rights of children with cancer;
 Guaranteeing access to the most advanced treatment and rehabilitation opportunities for every child with cancer.
Our Activities
Assisting in acquisition of necessary medicines and medical equipment not available in hospitals;
Creating favorable legislation facilitating solution of the problems facing children with cancer and their families;
Raising public awareness about childhood cancer through targeted strategic communication, publications and educational activities;
Organizing cultural and recreational activities and holiday celebrations for cancer-affected children undergoing treatment in hospitals;
Organizing rest and relaxation for children with cancer and their siblings;
Educating parents of children affected by cancer about the rights of their sick children and the rights of their families, helping them to attain these rights;
Representing interests of children with cancer in the governmental authorities and other official bodies;
Providing access to information for parents of cancer-affected children about their child’s disease and new methods and possibilities of treatment in Russia and abroad;
Carrying out charitable activities for the benefit of children with cancer.

Roman Yavorsky,


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